The WellPet Group PC

766 N. Lee Hwy
Lexington, VA , VA 24450






WellPet Membership-


Our philosophy is to involve you in your pet's health-care through share decision making. One-on-one appointments are scheduled around you - for your pet(s) only - without waiting times. All fees are included in your membership, allowing us to make the best health decisions for your pet, based on need not costs. We've also eliminated the anxiety of emergencies, since we provide 24-hour emergency care. 





Pay-as-you-go Client-


If our membership option is not for you, we do offer traditional veterinary pay-as-you-go services. Cost will be based on services provided at the time of appointment, and based on your pet's individual needs. 





Bear Hunter Critical Care-


During chase and hunting seasons we offer 24 hour emergency services at discounted rates. For rates and information on what is offered please call the office.