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 What makes us different?


CT Imaging and Fluoroscopy

Our CT scanner entails high definition 3D volumetric imaging designed to improve diagnostic capability and efficiency. Includes onboard fluoroscopy, contrast CT studies, and digital radiography. We are able to capture and view detailed/high-definition images in-house. If needed, CT scans are sent to be read by an outside radiologist for final diagnoses






Our endoscopy unit allows us to perform more in-depth testing on patients, without the need to refer out to specialty practices. We use our endoscopy unit to retrieve intestinal biopsies, perform endoscopies and colonoscopies, and retrieve ingested foreign bodies - all without the need for an exploratory surgery. The light and camera provide excellent visualization of the intestinal tract, which can help us in confirming diagnoses




Our digital radiology machine allows us to take and process x-rays in seconds. This cuts out the need to manually process x-rays, which is very time consuming and prone to error. The Veterinarian can examine your pet's radiographs immediately after they are taken, allowing for a quicker path to a diagnoses and recovery






Our ultrasound machine allows soft-tissue diagnostic capabilities. We use the ultrasound to help pinpoint conditions involving internal organs, perform abdomino-/thoracocentesis, pregnancy checks, and even echocardiograms