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     The Well Pet Group is now offering Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy to its membership and to non-members when referred by their veterinarian. Regenerative Medicine is the procedure of removing body fat (adipose cells) from the patient and processing it to extract adult stem cells. These adult stem cells are in turn, re-injected into the patient to improve and accelerate healing of a variety of tendon, ligament, and orthopedic injuries.


     Regenerative Medicine first became popular in 2003. At that time, adipose tissue (fat cells) was found to hold the largest reservoir of undifferentiated stem cells in the body, significantly more than either umbilical or bone marrow derived stem cells. Initially, regenerative stem cell application was embraced by equine veterinarians with great success. In more recent years, companion animal medicine has started to take advantage of regenerative stem cells and their restorative properties. Today many of our veterinary schools have regenerative medicine departments that are evaluating therapies for compassionate care use. Stem cell therapy is being used to treat diseases such as chronic renal failure, stomatitis, incontinence, and wound therapy for slow or non-healing wounds with increasing success.


     Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine has on-going trials in cats with renal failure. University of California Davis in Sacramento is working on protocols for treatment of lymphocytic plasmatic stomatitis. The University of Georgia is applying Stem Cell Therapy in their kidney transplant Unit with very promising results. Opportunities to use stem cell therapy in companion animal care appear endless as new treatments are developed.


     The Well Pet Group has partnered with InGeneron Corporation, a Texas based biotech company, in providing this new service. Over the past 10 years, InGeneron has focused primarily in the field of human regenerative medicine where they developed new and simpler methods of extracting and cryo-preserving adipose derived stem cells (ADSC). Their approach limits the need for repeated collection efforts, when multiple applications are required for a particular treatment, thus making the whole procedure much easier on the patient.


     Our concern for the overall comfort and health of each patient and our drive to provide top-quality care led us to partner with InGeneron. The Well Pet Group now has the ability to provide in-house collection and processing of ADSC, allowing for same day collection, processing and application. It also allows for ADSC banking when deemed necessary for later use or retreatment.


     Initially, the Well Pet Group is concentrating on proven areas of stem cell therapy such as in the treatment of osteoarthritis and in orthopedic surgical procedures. We are also assisting in research and data collection in more compassionate uses, such as chronic renal failure, stomatitis, and incontinence. Rest assured that as new treatments using stem cell therapy are proven effective, we will incorporate them into our program.


     Because of the positive results our work so far has shown, we are getting questions and calls from non-WellPet clients. To oversee the process for the most positive outcome, we feel that providing this service to non-members should be done through their veterinarian. All patients need a complete work-up, which should include blood work, radiographs and abdominal ultrasound when possible, before deciding if a patient is a candidate for the procedure.


     We are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information on our program please call Dr. Walter Logan at 540-464-1516.


     In the meantime, see for yourself what this state-of-the-art therapy can do. Last summer, Hogan underwent regenerative stem cell therapy. Before the procedure, Hogan had difficulty getting around, was stiff and didn't walk much. Now - well, see for yourself!